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The Garden Courts, Solan



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TAG Resorts Garden Courts Solan is an extremely peaceful and blissful eco resort situated in between the picturesque Shimla and Kasauli hills. Surrounded with the wilderness of Oak/Pine trees and Stone fruits, the place looks like a replica of a beautiful dream.


The quintessential and distinctive green lawns of the resort comprises of blooming flowers that flutter to create an astounding surrounding. The place is built in an area where there is hardly any human habitation, thus it ensures the highest level of solitude and calmness.The place is an ideal place to just laze around while the fresh air caresses your skin and gives you immense satisfaction. You can also spend some quality time with your loved ones by engaging in a variety of activities (Village walk, Barbeque, Trekking, Yoga, Nature walk, Bonfire, Board games and more) that the resort staff arranges for your recreation.Another reason that makes Garden Resorts class apart when compared to other resorts in Solan is its proximity to several famous tourist destinations. The resort is very close to National Heritage Park, Karol Tibba, Ashwani Khad and other destinations as well.


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