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How Do Timeshares Work?

In the past, people used to buy a specific week at a resort for their vacation—a ‘fixed’ week. But timeshares have evolved.

But with THC MEMBERSHIP, you get a “flexible week.” This means you can choose from various vacations, not sticking to the same resort or week every year. It’s a modern twist on the traditional timeshare idea.

HoW do Timeshare Work

Fixed Week Vs Flexible Week Timeshares

The older style of timeshares, known as “old-school,” used to be a bit dull.

In the traditional fixed week timeshares, you were locked into one specific week at a single resort. This meant fewer options for where you could go, and you had to deal with potential weather issues or schedule conflicts.

Now, with THE Membership, we offer a “flexible week” approach. This means you have more freedom to choose from a variety of vacation options, and you’re not stuck going to the same resort at the same time every year. It’s a more versatile and convenient way to enjoy your vacations.

HoW do Timeshare Work

Wondering about the duration of membership contracts?

Our timeshares offer you the chance to enjoy more vacations while locking in today’s rates for future accommodations. We’re confident you’ll love vacationing with us, but we want you to feel free.

When you purchase with us, you commit to yearly maintenance fees of 10,000 every year after the date of purchase. The year of purchase membership can be 25 – 30 years. All the details, including rules and regulations, will be clearly outlined in the contract between you, the membership buyer, and The Holidays Club.

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