The Holidays Club


What to Know More About The THC Membership

Exploring the Membership is easy, and we offer two options to suit your preferences. First, immerse yourself in a vacation package, where you’ll get insights into membership. Alternatively, from the comfort of your home, opt for a personalized virtual tour guided by one of our Virtual Consultants. *

Excited to scrabble into the Membership? Share your request now to schedule a call with a Virtual Consultant and start your journey today!


What is Vacation Ownership?

Wondering why people love our THC Membership? What are the amazing and friendly benefits? How membership is beneficial? Or maybe what “Vacation Ownership” even means? Click here.


What We Offer?

Our mission is straightforward: We want you to enjoy your vacations with us. Planning family getaways can be tricky, and we’re here to make them effortless and fantastic for you, every year. It all begins with ensuring that you’re pleased with what we provide.


Exploring Membership

THC Membership and timeshare tours may seem puzzling, but we’re here to simplify it all for you.


Worried About Cost?

Wait, It’s Very Simple And Effective. Understand with Us

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