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Understanding Cost

Worried About Cost?

Wait, It's Very Simple And Effective. Understand with Us.
Understanding Cost

Value And Save Your Time

Your time is precious, and we understand that searching for the best travel deals can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Beyond just saving money, THC Membership offers you the luxury of spending that valuable time with your family.

Instead of dedicating hours to scouring various travel websites for constantly changing deals, you can relax and enjoy knowing that you’ve already secured a great deal.

Make the most of your leisure time with The Holidays Club.

Wondering about the cost of THC Membership?

Affordability is subjective, and we won’t assume what it means for your family. However, our THC Membership is designed to potentially save you money on vacations over time. It’s all about making your getaway dreams more budget-friendly. Curious to learn more?

Let’s chat about how THC Membership could be a smart investment for you!

Understanding Cost

Wondering why THC Membership is a fantastic deal?

Here's the scoop:

In a nutshell, THC Membership offers a smart investment to enjoy quality vacations without sepnding much. It’s the best of both worlds—affordable and packed with perks!

Understanding Cost

Wondering about the cost?

Most companies, including ours, don't list prices on websites. Why? Because it varies. There are countless pricing options. Why? It all depends on you.
Imagine asking a travel agent for the cost of a vacation without specifying your destination, accommodation preferences, number of people, or duration. It's a bit like that!
Connect with us to discuss your vacation plans and find the perfect fit for you.

Understand The Average Expenditure Range

Certainly! On average, members of The Holidays Club spend between 4,00,000 to 8,00,000 Lakhs, enjoying the flexibility to go anywhere whenever they want. With this membership, you can expect luxurious resorts and hotels during peak holiday seasons. Alternatively, you can enjoy a full one-week stay in a two-bedroom villa at 40 different destinations, including popular spots like Thailand, Bali, Australia, etc. (check out our destinations on the website) The flexibility is yours to explore!

Our most popular Premium membership costs 6,50,000

You know what it includes amazing experiences:

All-season vacation – you can travel in any season in a year.
Enjoy a vacation with 2 adults and 2 kids
Give you the luxury Studio apartments.

Understanding Cost

Concerning "the fees"?

THC member involves some maintenance costs. We have nominal upkeep expenses incurred annually, with a fixed cost of 10,000 each year (depending on the duration of membership you choose).
Understanding Cost

Don't Worry About Finances!

Absolutely! You have two fantastic options for covering your membership fees.
Upfront Payment: You’re welcome to pay the total amount in cash, and you’ll enjoy an amazing discount based on your chosen membership type.
Credit Card EMI: Alternatively, you can use a major credit card for a flexible payment plan spanning 6 to 36 months, with 0% interest. This option allows you to spread the cost and enjoy the benefits of your membership without the need for a lump sum payment.
Approximately 80% of our new members opt for our financing options. It’s a convenient way to access lifetime savings without the pressure of a one-time payment. Choose the option that suits you best.

Understanding Cost

How can I determine the savings from THC Membership?

Trim down your family’s vacation expenses with this simple formula:
1. Estimate your average expenditure on luxury resorts, which currently stands at 6,00000 per 7 days and 6 nights in a year.
2. Multiply this average cost by the number of years you’ve been indulging in these vacations, extending it to 30 years.

By following these steps, you’ll gain insight into the potential long-term impact on your vacation budget.

For example, per a study done by THE HOLIDAYS CLUB**:
* The membership costs Rs. 6,00,000 divided x 30 years of membership= 20,000 (includes 7 days, 8 nights in a year)
* An average timeshare costs 20,000 for a family of four + 10,000 of annual maintenance fees x 30 years = 9,00,000
* So, average timeshare family savings = 3,00,000 over 18 years of vacations

Engage in the calculations, explore the options, and discover the membership tier that aligns best with your needs. We believe that you’ll observe cost savings through vacation ownership when compared to luxury hotels and resorts of comparable size and quality.

Understanding Cost

What's the deal:

To open those long-term savings, you make an upfront payment for membership. This commitment binds you to a single company for all your vacation accommodations. (In our case, “THE HOLIDAYS CLUB” provides access to over 40,000 luxury resorts and hotels within our partner network, and that’s the “catch.”)
We present a range of membership levels and financing options, tailoring them to your needs. However, there’s a significant caveat – your membership remains cost-effective only if:
You are comfortable with the expenses associated with our membership and fees.

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