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Time Share

What is Time Share?

Timeshares, also known as vacation ownership, make it easier for you to have more family vacations and trips with friends. When you own a timeshare, you pay in advance for your yearly vacation stay in luxurious resorts and hotels, securing today's fixed cost.
Having a timeshare comes with perks. You can keep going back to your favorite spots each year, or use your THC Membership to explore loads of new places. It's like having a key to a network of vacation opportunities!

Wooah! Amazing Types Of Timeshares

In the past, when timeshares first became popular, people would buy a contract for a specific week at a specific resort to stay at each year. But now, with new types of timeshare and THC Membership contracts, there’s more flexibility.
These include:

However, THC Memberships offer even more flexibility. Instead of being stuck with the same week at the same resort every year, owners with memberships can enjoy a wide variety of vacations.

Time Share

Are Timeshares a Good Deal?

Savings Over Time:

Investing in a timeshare can be a smart financial move. Over the 25-30 years of membership, you lock in stress-free stays at luxurious hotels and resorts, potentially saving you money compared to booking each vacation separately.

More Vacations, Less Hassle:

Once you have a timeshare, you’ll spend less time searching for a place to stay and trying to find the best deal for each vacation. It simplifies the planning process, allowing you to focus on enjoying your time away.

Quality Family Time:

Timeshares make it easier to plan regular family vacations at various destinations throughout the year. This ensures you can create lasting memories without the stress of finding accommodations each time.

Flexibility to Explore:

Having a timeshare lets you revisit your favorite destination every year without spending a lot on stays. Plus, it offers the flexibility to explore new places and enjoy vacations in any season.

Time Share

Exploring a Timeshare: A Unique Travel Approach

Luxury Villas vs. Regular Hotels

More Space: Imagine having plenty of room to stretch out and feel at ease. With spacious villas, there's no need to wait for the bathroom, and multiple bedrooms mean everyone can stay up as late as they want.
Home-like Features: Picture cooking your favorite meals in a fully-equipped kitchen and having a washer and dryer for fresh clothes during your stay.
Exciting Experiences: Keep the kids entertained with cool extras like waterslides, lazy rivers, mini golf, and fun activities led by counselors.
In Conclusion: Once you've enjoyed a vacation with all the comforts of home at a resort-style villa, going back to a "regular hotel room" just won't feel the same.

Choosing a Timeshare Resort vs. Vacation Home Rentals

Trust: Feel secure in a well-kept property with the reliability of a recognized brand, rather than taking a chance on a part-time rental from a stranger.
Assistance: Have peace of mind with a 24/7 front desk ready to assist you during your vacation. No more guessing; just a warm welcome and guidance on what to do.
Extras: Enjoy the vacation experience right from your doorstep. Timeshare resorts go beyond just a place to sleep, offering scheduled activities and poolside fun to keep you in full vacation mode.
Costs: Lock in today's rates with a timeshare, ensuring you know what to pay for accommodations each time. Say goodbye to unpredictable prices and unexpected "service fees" from home rentals.

Choosing a Timeshare Over Owning a Vacation Home

No Chores on Vacation: Vacations are for relaxation, not chores. With a timeshare, you skip the mowing, watering, and home improvement projects that come with a traditional vacation home.
Peace of Mind: Feel secure knowing someone is looking after your vacation spot when you're not there.
Skip Housekeeping: When it's time to leave, let someone else handle the kitchen and bathroom cleaning – no more post-vacation chores.
Cost Benefits: Pay for a timeshare you'll use without dealing with complex tax laws and insurance for a vacation home that sits empty most of the year.
More Variety: Break free from being stuck in one place every year. With a timeshare, enjoy the flexibility to vacation at different resorts to explore diverse destinations worldwide.

Time Share

Is a Timeshare a Good Choice for You?

Wondering if timeshares are a good idea or maybe a bit skeptical? Just take a look on Google, and you'll see some people enjoy THC Membership, while others might not be as thrilled (and it happens you all know well).

Discover why people adore timeshares

Perfect for Families:
Spacious accommodations, family-friendly amenities, and a range of activities tailored for all ages.

Luxury Resorts and Villas:
Access to high-end resorts and villas, equipped with family-friendly features and part of a vast global hotel network.

Trust in Quality:
Assurance of a top-notch experience, especially with memberships linked to renowned global hotel brands like THE HOLIDAYS CLUB.

Predictable Costs for Quality Time:
Enjoy quality vacation moments with the confidence of knowing the exact costs, making the experience stress-free and enjoyable.

Here are signs that a timeshare might not be the best fit for you

Limited Vacation Time:
If you can only travel once a year during your vacation time and find it financially challenging, a timeshare may not be the ideal choice.

Avoiding Extra Expenses:
If you prefer not to incur any additional costs throughout the year, a timeshare might not align with your financial preferences.

Financial Responsibility:
If our pricing and payment plan don’t comfortably fit your budget, it might be a sign that a timeshare could strain your finances.

Brand Commitment Concerns:
If you’d rather not commit to one brand, even if it means spending more money over time, a timeshare may not be the right option for your flexible preferences.

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